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    What we've accomplished together

    As I look back on my last 5 years as your State Representative, I'm proud of all that we've accomplished to make the 12th Suffolk District a better place. In this race, I'm the true progressive who's gotten results for the communities of Dorchester, Hyde Park, Mattapan, and Milton. I've brought millions in vital state funds back to the district and invested them in public transportation, housing, and quality of life improvements. Here are the things that we've accomplished to improve the communities in the 12th Suffolk District.

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    We need to stand together to Save the Mattapan Trolley

    Last month, the MBTA revealed that it needed more time to study the Mattapan Trolley line, leaving many to believe "the status of the historic streetcars [are] in doubt (The Boston Globe)."  Despite promises of a $7.9 million investment in the trolley, there has been little communication from the MBTA regarding how that money would be used to keep it functional while the study assessing the route is underway. This is unacceptable. Thousands of MBTA riders rely on the Mattapan Trolley everyday to connect them to the Red Line at Ashmont Station, and they add significant character and charm to our communities. In response, I am launching a petition to send a clear message to Governor Baker and the MBTA that we need to save the Mattapan Trolley line!
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    Dan Cullinane Fights for Affordable Housing Projects

    Representative Dan Cullinane, pictured here at the groundbreaking for Olmsted Green in Mattapan, has continuously fought for affordable housing projects as State Representative. At the ground breaking for Olmsted Green, Governor Baker announced $100 million in housing subsidy funds and state and federal tax credits to expand the amount of affordable housing in Massachusetts. Some of that funding will be going to turning the old Cote Ford parking lot in Mattapan into a new affordable housing development, a project that Dan has consistently been fighting for. Speaking about the future of the project to the Bay State Banner in 2016, Dan emphasized the need for housing in Mattapan, especially among young adults who want to stay in the neighborhood they grew up in but are unable to due to high rent costs. Dan explains“What we need in Mattapan is housing. Right now rents are going up because there isn’t enough housing supply. It’s not just about the number of units, it’s about creating a real mixed-income community … of all levels of affordability."

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