Dan Cullinane Fights for Affordable Housing Projects

Representative Dan Cullinane, pictured here at the groundbreaking for Olmsted Green in Mattapan, has continuously fought for affordable housing projects as State Representative. At the ground breaking for Olmsted Green, Governor Baker announced $100 million in housing subsidy funds and state and federal tax credits to expand the amount of affordable housing in Massachusetts. Some of that funding will be going to turning the old Cote Ford parking lot in Mattapan into a new affordable housing development, a project that Dan has consistently been fighting for. Speaking about the future of the project to the Bay State Banner in 2016, Dan emphasized the need for housing in Mattapan, especially among young adults who want to stay in the neighborhood they grew up in but are unable to due to high rent costs. Dan explains“What we need in Mattapan is housing. Right now rents are going up because there isn’t enough housing supply. It’s not just about the number of units, it’s about creating a real mixed-income community … of all levels of affordability."

The upcoming Cote Village project will include 76 units with 68 affordable housing units. Fifty-six of the affordable units which will be restricted to households at least 60 percent of the area median income, and another 12 for this at or below 80 percent of the area median income. The project will be funded through tax credits and loans, a $750,000 award from the Neighborhood Housing Trust, and $4.8 million from the Inclusionary Development Policy fund. 

In 2014, Dan pushed for the MBTA to reissue a RFP for the former MBTA parking lot off of Mattapan Square when the MBTA wanted to sell this land, the last large scale developable lot in Mattapan Square, to a charter school without reissuing a Request for Proposal. He advocated for affordable housing to be built instead, and for a more open process. Dan knew that developers and businesses wanted to come set roots in Mattapan and that the community deserved to have their voice heard in the process. In 2015, Dan spoke to the Dorchester Reporter about the issue, explaining: "I’m in favor of a thorough and transparent community process for residents and stakeholders with MBTA [to decide] what would be best use of that parcel with benefit to community. I’m optimistic that the market has changed and look forward to seeing what proposals are submitted and working with the residents.”

Dan also proudly cosponsored H.4536 An Act financing the production and preservation of housing for low and moderate income residents, which was signed into law by Governor Baker this year. He is proud to have continued to fight for increased affordable housing across the 12th Suffolk District.


Other Housing Legislation

Dan is proud to be the sponsor of legislation that would give tenants first right of refusal in the event of foreclosure or short sale and of an amendment that would require notification of the passage of legislation clearing titles of foreclosed properties to homeowners facing foreclosure and homeowners who were foreclosed upon.

He also supported the $1.7 billion housing bond bill to support low and moderate income housing across the state, including provisions to include housing for those with disabilities and improving facilities used for early education.

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