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  • After outcry, Samsung removes ads echoing racial stereotypes about Mattapan Dorchester Reporter 
    • “There is no reason to single out Mattapan. It’s just a stupid ad on many fronts,” Cullinane said in a phone interview with the Reporter. “All you had to do to make your point was say ‘we’lll protect your stuff is you leave your phone on the train.’ Instead, they went with something that was both ignorant and offensive.”

      “I know a lot of people who were alarmed and offended,” Cullinane said, adding that his office received multiple calls about the ads. 

  • As industry burgeons, home care leaders call for oversight that protects patients, workers Worcester Business Journal
    • "Rep. Daniel Cullinane, D-Boston, introduced House Bill 341, a law that would strengthen home care regulations in Massachusetts, in a Joint Elder Affairs Committee hearing in July. The legislation proposes a mandatory service license process to be set up by the DPH and the Executive Office of Elder Affairs. Home health agencies must specify services, service area, and follow an ongoing quality assurance program.

      It also calls for a home care worker registry that includes workers' personal information, such as full name, current home address, gender and date of birth, along with their job title, employer name and list of completed training and certification programs."

  • Aging population fuels interest in home care in Mass Worcester Telegram
    • “As costs of institutional care skyrocket, more and more people are choosing to receive their health care at home. We’re in desperate need of modernization,” said Rep. Daniel Cullinane. “This is an industry based on trust. You should not have to simply trust. You should, as a consumer of home care, should be able to verify with certainty those providing care for your loved ones are qualified.”

      Cullinane testified in support of his bill (H 341) that would call on home care agencies to submit annual cost reports, acquire a license to do business and establish a registry for home care workers. The bill was also filed by Sen. James Welch (S 364).

      As the state’s aging population rises, home care is becoming even more vital to the state’s future, Cullinane said.

      “This should not be a $10 an hour revolving door,” Cullinane said. “It should be a career. The work is too important.”

  • BAA vows to be more welcoming to handcyclists The Boston Globe

    • "Downes credited both the awareness raised by the Globe articles and political pressure with affecting change. Last week, state Representative Dan Cullinane of Dorchester sent the BAA a letter, co-signed by 71 state legislators and seven Boston city councilors, demanding concessions and better treatment of handcyclists.

      “Of all the things that cross your desk,” said Cullinane, who has become friends with Downes and cheered him and other handcyclists on at the Marathon in recent years, “it is not often when the right thing to do is so black and white.”

  • Pols take measure of Fairmount Line Dorchester Reporter

  • T officials plan major repairs to Mattapan trolleys; public meetings set for April Dorchester Reporter

    • "In the near term, at least, champions of the line hail the MBTA’s investment as a victory. Rep. Dan Cullinane, who testified before the board on Monday morning in support of the line, emphasized that his constituents want the existing trolley fleet preserved. They are not only an important link for commuters, he said, but also a cherished link to the city’s history that adds 'character' to the neighborhoods it serves.

      Cullinane noted that other cold-weather cities, including Philadelphia, manage to keep larger fleets of vintage PCC cars in service over much longer stretches of track. 'If Philly can do it on a line with 50 stops, surely we can do it on an 8-stop line,' he said. 'People emphatically love this trolley.'

      Cullinane thanked the board and the T staff for 'hearing' the concerns raised by him and a coalition of city and state elected officials, who last year pressed MBTA leadership to commit to preserve the trolley line and the existing PCC cars."

  • MBTA makes medium-term commitment to Mattapan trolley line The Boston Globe

    • “They’re essential to the character of our communities,” state Representative Dan Cullinane, a Democrat who represents several neighborhoods served by the line, said at the MBTA’s fiscal and management control board’s weekly meeting. “This is a big win for all those who rely on and support the Mattapan high-speed line.”

  • $7.9M Investment to Upgrade MBTA Mattapan Line Trolley Fleet
  • Carney unveils new emergency facility: $2m rehab means added rooms, space Dorchester Reporter
    • "Added state Rep. Dan Cullinane: “'Carney has always played a critical role in our community and this new emergency department will only expand the tremendous benefit that Carney provides to the people of Boston, particularly here in Dorchester and Mattapan.'”

  • $7.9 Million Investment to Upgrade Mattapan Line Trolley Fleet
    • “The Mattapan Trolley Line is important not just for its daily function - connecting more than 4,600 residents to the Red Line and Bus System - but for what it represents - a tangible connection to our community's history," said State Representative Dan Cullinane. "The Mattapan Trolley Line is a bright spot. It provides a consistent and reliable public transit link for the residents of Mattapan, Milton and Dorchester and is vital to our local economy. For the past year, Mattapan, Dorchester and Milton elected officials and residents have collectively advocated for increased investment in the Mattapan Line and I am grateful to the MBTA's Fiscal Management Control Board for not just listening, but acting, with today's state investment of $7.9 million dollars. We can all celebrate this as a big win for those who rely on and support the Mattapan High Speed Trolley Line."


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